Scientific Team

Yingjie Lu, PhD
Yingjie Lu is an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. A graduate of Tsinghua University in Beijing, he joined Dr. Rock’s group at St. Jude’s Research Hospital for his first post-doctoral fellowship, where he worked on developing new antibiotic targets. He then joined Dr. Malley’s group as a postdoctoral fellow, rising to the level of Assistant Professor in 2012 and has been the recipient of NIH funding. He is the author of over 25 peer-reviewed publications in the field of bacterial genetics and vaccines and a co-inventor of the MAPS technology.

Richard Malley, MD
Richard Malley is the Kenneth McIntosh Chair in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Boston Children’s Hospital Boston and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He is also the Director of the Travel and Geographic Medicine Clinic at Boston Children’s. He runs an NIH-funded laboratory where his group focuses on various aspects of bacterial pathogenesis, natural- and vaccine-induced immunity and the development of novel vaccine technologies, such as the Multiple Antigen Presenting System (MAPS). For over a decade, and in collaboration with PATH and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Malley has run an international effort for the development and manufacture of novel vaccines. He is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications.

George Siber, MD
George Siber served as Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Wyeth Vaccines, or Wyeth. While at Wyeth, Dr. Siber oversaw the development and approval of multiple widely-used childhood vaccines, including Prevnar, a pneumococcal vaccine which has achieved multibillion dollar revenues; Acel-Imune, an acellular pertussis vaccine; and Meningitec, a meningococcal meningitis vaccine. Prior to Wyeth, Dr. Siber was Director of the Massachusetts Public Health Biologic Laboratories and a Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Medicine at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. During this time, Dr. Siber led the research and manufacturing of multiple vaccines and immune globulins including Respigam, a human immune globulin against respiratory syncytial virus. Dr. Siber holds an MD degree from McGill University in Canada, received post-doctoral training in Internal Medicine at Rush-Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago and Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and Infectious Disease and vaccinology training at Children’s Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School Boston.

Fan Zhang, PhD
Fan Zhang is an Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. She joins Affinivax as a Founding Scientist and Head of Research. She obtained a B.S. and her Ph.D. from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Yigong Shi at Princeton University. She joined Dr. Malley’s laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow in 2010, where she has focused her work on the development of MAPS. She is a co-inventor of the MAPS technology.


Developing the Vaccines of the Future